Registration now Open for 2018

Registration now Open for 2018



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Registration is now open for 2018!

Time for take 3 (or is it take 20). We apologise for the mess that has been registration 2018. It was out of our control and we have had to make many changes and then wait until 1st February before we could go live.

If you are born in 2008 or earlier (aged 10 or older as at 31/12/18, junior players, senior player and non-players) you use this registration form:…/pages/…/welcome.aspx…

If you were born in or between 2013 and 2009 (so aged 5 to 9 at 31/12/18, net set go participants, 7yrs, 8yrs and 9yrs netball) you use this registration form:…/pages/…/welcome.aspx…

Active Kids Vouchers are now fully set-up and ready to go. You need to get your voucher number before you do the registration as you will need to enter your voucher as part of the payment.

Once you have your voucher number you will be able to do your registration and in the payments screen under the Vouchers/Coupons you can select the Active Kids NSW $100 option and then enter your individual voucher number in the box provided. This will then reduce your total payment owing.

Instructions on how to get your active kids voucher number will follow in a separate email post.

Any problems with registrations from now on using the above links please contact us by messenger or come to our registration assistance day on Saturday 3rd February in the Auditorium from 2 – 6 pm.  Uniforms will also be available at this time for purchase.

Many thanks and kind regards,

The Davistown Netball Club Committee